Friday, June 11, 2010

The Name Game

I've been in four states in the past 11 days. Some of the travel was family visits, some of the travel was for the new job. I spent some time with folks that I will be working with starting (OMG!) next month. Can't believe it's that soon (and no, the house is not all packed up, nor do I think I'm going to finish by the time I have to leave).

It's an interesting time, right now. It's as though I'm a citizen of two countries. I'm enjoying the fellow citizens in my new country. Just learning so many new things about how the indigenous culture works. For example, babies are named by their grandmothers and are usually named after someone that has recently passed. This is because the belief is that the soul passes on to another---it is not gone forever, nor does it ascend or descend to any particular location. The belief is that the children take on the traits of the person whose name they carry. There exists proof that this is so. I have no trouble believing this.

In my home country, I had a nice surprise today. One of my clients sent me a note of thanks. Basically, she told me that I had made a positive difference in her life. This was enormously special to me. As I go through this transition, it's particularly moving to know my soul is not gone, either...I have passed on something special to at least one person that I have touched.